Top News: Manned Moon Missions, Super-Earth, Asian Cancer Cures, Bombshell Vaccine Facts, More

This news update contains links to articles and videos about the push for NASA to put humans back on the Moon, suppressed energy and medical technology, a super-earth discovered near a neighboring star, the surprising history of Jupiter, possible cancer cures from Asian countries, bombshell facts about vaccines, and much more.

March 31, 2019 News

NASA Directed to Put Humans on the Moon Within the Next Five Years
Private space companies may be enlisted to get the job done using commercial rockets if necessary.

Suppressed Energy and Medical Technology (Video)
The research of Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, and Wilhelm Reich and how their work was suppressed.

Alien Life May Exist on Huge ‘Super-Earth’ Mere Light-Years Away
The only problem is that the planet is very, very cold.

Jupiter Used to Be Four Times Farther from the Sun, Study Claims
New research explains a strange feature of Jupiter’s nearby asteroids by suggesting the planet started out life much farther from home.

Scientists Discover New Saturn-like Planet 60 Times Bigger than Earth
The incredible discovery was made by a space mission launched to find the possibility of far-off worlds in a habitable area called the Goldilocks zone which could support life.

Possible Cancer Cures from Asia
The real answers to cancer are found outside the United States, and outside the corrupt pharma-controlled “sick care” system.

Bombshell Facts About Measles & The MMR Vaccine
Measles outbreaks have occurred in heavily vaccinated populations throughout history.

Interview with a Retired Vaccine Researcher
The researcher said he was “disgusted with what he discovered about vaccines.”

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Way Video Games Are Developed
The advances of modern AI research could bring unprecedented benefits to game development.

Study Shows Parrots Can Pass Classic Test of Intelligence
An African grey parrot can perform some cognitive tasks at levels beyond that of 5-year-old humans.

Mainstream Media Censors News That Threatens Its Financial Interests
Medical news is especially at risk of censorship.

How to Bypass the Online Censors
A new piece of software known as “Dissenter” aims to fight big tech censorship.

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