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The Universe: Why Do UFOs Visit Earth & What Technologies Do They Use?

Many argue that flying saucers and other extraterrestrial space ships continuously visit the Earth. If that is true, what kinds of technologies do such alien spacecraft require to travel interstellar distances and perform fantastic maneuvers in our atmosphere? Find out … Continue reading

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A Brief Cultural History of UFOs

The idea of aliens and that other worlds might be inhabited actually goes back to ancient times. The question was a matter of real debate among philosophers, scientists and theologians in the Western world by the 18th century and it … Continue reading

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Navy Patents Suggest American Military Possesses Alien Technology

According to this article at Natural News, internal emails recently obtained by The War Zone suggest that the United States Navy has in its possession exotic energy production technologies of potentially extraterrestrial origin. The Navy also appears to have some … Continue reading

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Interesting Radio Signal from Nearby Star

A Very Interesting Radio Signal Was Just Detected Coming from Proxima Centauri by Matthew Cimone | Universe Today There’s a powerful scene in the movie “Contact” (one of my favs) where lead character Ellie Arroway is sitting among an array … Continue reading

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