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Magnetic Motors, Perpetual Motion & Fascinating Physics

Jeff Rense conducts an interview with Herbert Dorsey. They talk about zero-point energy, free energy, permanent magnet motors, free energy cars, anti-gravity, gravity plates, flying saucers, and much more. Source: Jeff Rense Video

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Israeli Scientist Reveals US Extraterrestrial Agreements & Joint Mars Base

Prof Haim Eshed, a senior scientist who for nearly 30 years headed Israel’s space security program has revealed secret US extraterrestrial agreements, a joint US ET base on Mars, and how a galactic federation is closely monitoring human affairs. Major … Continue reading

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Richard Dolan: A History of Anti-Gravity Research

Richard brings military historian Michael Schratt back for a second interview. This one starts with a series of very strange “Michelin Man” sightings of beings wearing classic Michelin Man suits in concentric tubes. The main part of the interview concerns … Continue reading

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