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What Is the Alcubierre Warp Drive?

The original Star Trek series introduced the concept of the “warp drive” for faster-than-light interstellar travel. Then, in 1994, a physicist by the name of Miguel Alcubierre proposed a solution of Einstein’s general relativity field equations that might, in theory, … Continue reading

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New Warp Drive Solutions for Faster-Than-Light Travel

If travel to distant stars within an individual’s lifetime is going to be possible, a means of faster-than-light propulsion will have to be found. To date, even recent research about superluminal (faster-than-light) transport based on Einstein’s theory of general relativity … Continue reading

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US Government Grants Patents for an Anti-Gravity Craft

How many technological developments are in existence that we don’t know about? US Gov Grants Patents For An Anti-Gravity Craft That Alters The Space-Time Around It by Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution It wasn’t long ago when government agencies and … Continue reading

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Farewell to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity?

Years ago, one of the world’s brightest physicists, Stephen Hawking predicted that quantum particles will slowly escape black holes, which went against Albert Einstein’s hypothesis that nothing can leave the gravity of these space objects. Fresh findings might confirm the … Continue reading

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