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Astronomers Spot the Most Distant Single Star Ever Seen

With a fortuitous lineup of a massive cluster of galaxies, astronomers have discovered a single star across most of the entire observable universe. This is the farthest detection of a single star ever. The star may be up to 500 … Continue reading

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Ancient Aliens: Wormholes & Space Travel

Wormholes allow for travel between two distant locations across the space-time continuum. Some scientists believe that extraterrestrial beings may have already used them to travel to Earth in the distant past. The theory of relativity allows for the existence of … Continue reading

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Scientist Reportedly Comes Up With a Time Travel Equation

This seems far out, but there may be something to it, at least in theory. Back to the Future, For Real? Scientist Reportedly Comes Up With a ‘Time Travel Equation’ From Sputnik News As Professor Mallett explained, a circulating beam … Continue reading

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