This site is a blog devoted to cutting-edge alternative news and information with an emphasis on the frontiers of science. The topics covered include space exploration, UFOs, the energy revolution, health and healing, and much more. The goal of this blog is to be credible, informative, interesting, and sometimes even inspiring.

Most of the blog posts contain links to articles and videos on the Internet. Some posts can also contain embedded videos. These are referred to as “video reports.” Unless otherwise indicated, all links on this site will open in the current window or tab rather than opening a new one.

About Dennis Kidwell

Dennis Kidwell is the author, editor, and administrator of this blog. He created this blog in order to provide a way to report some of the important news and information he finds during his research on the Internet. He believes strongly in a free and open Internet and he values the role that the Internet plays in creating an informed populace around the world.

Dennis Kidwell has a degree in aerospace engineering from Penn State and has been employed in the computer field as a software engineer and scientific programmer for many years. He has worked on government and commercial projects at Lockheed Martin, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and a number of other companies. He has lived in several states within the United States including California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. He currently resides in his home state of Pennsylvania.

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