The Clock Is Ticking on Some Big UFO Stories

British ET Expert Says ‘Clock Is Ticking’ on ‘Some Big UFO Stories’
by Lilia Dergacheva | Sputnik News

Nick Pope, a former head of the UK government’s UFO task force, says the latest stunning developments regarding the search for extra-terrestrial life, including the leak of US Navy pilots’ videos, have led him to believe we are on the threshold of some ground-breaking revelations.

British UFO expert Nick Pope is certain that the “clock is ticking” on new disclosures about the phenomenon that he said could have a far-reaching impact in the foreseeable future.

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Russia’s Roswell Incident

The Russian equivalent of the Roswell Incident took place in 1948 near Kapustin Yar, a top secret Soviet research facility several hundred miles south of Moscow. A MiG jet fighter engaged a cigar-shaped UFO in a three minute dogfight after radar operators picked up the unidentified object. Both craft were damaged and fell to the ground. Soviet recovery teams quickly gathered up the wreckage and transported it to the underground facility at Kapustin Yar.

Source: History Video

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Navy Patents Suggest American Military Possesses Alien Technology

According to this article at Natural News, internal emails recently obtained by The War Zone suggest that the United States Navy has in its possession exotic energy production technologies of potentially extraterrestrial origin. The Navy also appears to have some kind of hybrid aerospace / underwater craft that patent applications reveal is equipped with an inertial mass reduction device. Though redacted in part, the emails and patent applications obtained by The War Zone are a real eye-opener. They suggest that the U.S. military has some incredibly powerful technologies in its possession that would seem to exist only in sci-fi movies.

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C2C’s Top UFO Stories of 2020

UFOs managed to remain a hot topic of conversation in the mainstream media and among the general public in 2020 as the phenomenon strengthened its grasp on the zeitgeist with several headline-making stories, sightings, and strange incidents. There were a number of developments surrounding what some contend or hope is an incremental march towards official UFO disclosure, prominent international figures and pop stars alike offered what might best be described as endorsements of the tantalizing topic, and, as always, the phenomenon itself made all manner of appearances in the skies while continuing to remain maddeningly out of reach.

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Interesting Radio Signal from Nearby Star

A Very Interesting Radio Signal Was Just Detected Coming from Proxima Centauri
by Matthew Cimone | Universe Today

There’s a powerful scene in the movie “Contact” (one of my favs) where lead character Ellie Arroway is sitting among an array of telescopes and hears the first alien signal – an ominous pulse – received by humanity. She races back to the control center where the array is pointed off target and then back to verify the signal. Contact is made. Shortly after, a message is found in the signal and we’ve confirmed the existence of alien life!

Ellie Arroway was inspired by a real-life pillar of the SETI community, Dr. Jill Tarter. I had the privilege of interviewing Jill Tarter last year and asked about that scene. She laughed saying “There’s not a lot of sitting around with headphones on. It’s not really that simple.” When it comes to analyzing signals from the stars for alien life, distinguishing a potential alien message from the noise of our own planet is quite complicated.

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Was an Extraterrestrial Message Received in a 1977 TV Broadcast?

In November of 1977, a news broadcast airing in multiple parts of England was “hacked” and interrupted with a message from a supposed extraterrestrial. How this was done or by who still remains a mystery, but it did indeed happen. TV engineers tried to get to the bottom of the interruption and stop it but were unsuccessful. Nobody has ever claimed responsibility for the event and the news episode of that day remains a curious unsolved mystery that may never be explained.

Click Here to read more about this at Collective Evolution.

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New Autonomous Aircraft Designed to Launch Small Satellites

The RAVN-X Is a New Autonomous Aircraft Designed to Launch Small Satellites
by Matt Williams | Universe Today

In the past twenty years, one of the biggest developments to take place in the realm of space exploration has been the growth of the commercial space industry (aka. NewSpace). As a result of growing demand and declining costs, more companies are coming to the fore to offer launch services that are making space more accessible and cost-effective.

One such company is the space delivery services company Aevum, an Alabama-based startup specializing in Autonomous Launch Vehicles (AuLVs). On Dec. 3rd, 2020, Aevum unveiled their prototype vehicle, the RAVN-X. Once operational, this autonomous suborbital spaceplane will be able to send satellites and other small payloads to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in just three hours.

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Israeli Scientist Reveals US Extraterrestrial Agreements & Joint Mars Base

Prof Haim Eshed, a senior scientist who for nearly 30 years headed Israel’s space security program has revealed secret US extraterrestrial agreements, a joint US ET base on Mars, and how a galactic federation is closely monitoring human affairs. Major media around the world is covering Prof Eshad’s revelations. In this report, Dr. Michael Salla covers Prof Eshed’s revelations, the covert use of advanced anti-gravity craft, the lifting of national security orders on 5900 patent applications, and more.

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Encounter with UFO & Extraterrestrial in Alaska

A professor at Montana State University has been researching the Star People and documenting encounters between them and Native Americans for many years. This article shares one of many.

Encounters With Star People: An Extraterrestrial, A Spacecraft & An Alaskan Blizzard
by Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution

The topic of UFOs seems to be getting never-ending attention these days by the mainstream media, which is something quite different from a decades long ridicule campaign that’s taken place. Recently, the New York Times covered a story about Eric W. Davis, a renowned astrophysicist who worked with the Pentagon UFO program, stating that he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department Agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”

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The Direct Fusion Drive for Fast Interplanetary Travel

A Spacecraft Could Get to Titan in Only 2 Years Using a Direct Fusion Drive
by Andy Tomaswick | Universe Today

Fusion power is the technology that is thirty years away, and always will be – according to skeptics at least. Despite its difficult transition into a reliable power source, the nuclear reactions that power the sun have a wide variety of uses in other fields. The most obvious is in weapons, where hydrogen bombs are to this day the most powerful weapons we have ever produced. But there’s another use case that is much less destructive and could prove much more interesting – space drives.

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Ancient Aliens: Atlantis in Antarctica

Ancient texts from Plato point to the existence of Atlantis which may have been located in Antarctica. Atlantis may have started as an extraterrestrial colony that was established there many thousands of years ago before the Great Flood and a pole shift.

Source: History Video

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There’s a 95% Chance of an Earth-Like Planet Within 20 Light Years

Based on Kepler Data, There’s a 95% Chance of an Earth-Like Planet Within 20 Light Years
by Matt Williams | Universe Today

In the past few decades, the study of exoplanets has grown by leaps and bounds, with 4296 confirmed discoveries in 3,188 systems and an additional 5,634 candidates awaiting confirmation. Because of this, scientists have been able to get a better idea about the number of potentially-habitable planets that could be out there. A popular target is stars like our own, which are known as G-type yellow dwarfs.

Recently, an international team of scientists (led by researchers from the NASA Ames Research Center) combined data from by the now-defunct Kepler Space Telescope and the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia Observatory. What this revealed is that half of the Sun-like stars in our Universe could have rocky, potentially-habitable planets, the closest of which could be in our cosmic backyard!

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Man Invents An Electric System That Charges Itself

Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso has invented an electric system that runs off a battery. The unique thing is the battery charges itself with electromagnetic radiation that’s present naturally in the environment. It can run forever. According to Maxwell, the energy to power the battery is taken from electromagnetic waves that exist all around us in our environment. This free energy device has been used to power an electric car and could be used to power up to 300 homes without using any fuel.

Man One Ups Tesla By Inventing An Electric System That Charges Itself

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A Rare Asteroid Worth $10,000 Quadrillion

Researchers say new information gathered on the asteroid 16 Psyche – a 140-mile-long minor planet situated within the main asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter – will provide astronomical scientists with a clearer view of the rare metal asteroid and possibly provide insight on planetary formation. Psyche could be unique in that it might be an asteroid that is totally made of iron and nickel. Researchers have estimated that the asteroid would be worth around $10,000 quadrillion if its resources were harvested and sold.

Researchers Tap Hubble Telescope for Closer Look at Rare Asteroid Worth $10,000 Quadrillion

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Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Moon

The theory that the Moon is hollow is based on certain mysteries of the Moon that have been observed over time. During the Apollo space program, a couple of rocket stages were crashed into the Moon which caused it to ring like a bell or a gong for an extended period of time. Indeed, the Moon may be a giant space station that was placed into orbit around the Earth long ago by ancient aliens for an unknown purpose.

Source: History Video

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