Exoplanets: Nearby Super-Earth, Worlds with Two Suns

An analysis of cyclical changes in the light spectrum emitted by Proxima Centauri, the star closest to the Sun, suggests it may be orbited by a second planet. This candidate planet orbits Proxima Centauri every 5.2 years and may be a “super-Earth,” with a mass higher than Earth’s, though much lower than that of the Solar System ice giants Uranus and Neptune.

There May Be a “Super-Earth” Orbiting the Nearest Star to the Sun

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Farewell to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity?

Years ago, one of the world’s brightest physicists, Stephen Hawking predicted that quantum particles will slowly escape black holes, which went against Albert Einstein’s hypothesis that nothing can leave the gravity of these space objects. Fresh findings might confirm the British scientist’s theory.

Will Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Soon Be Proven False?

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What Did NASA’s New Horizons Probe Discover Around Pluto?

This video report covers the journey of the New Horizons space probe to the dwarf planet Pluto and what it discovered about Pluto’s moons, geological features, and atmosphere.

Source: Astrum Video

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What Shape Is the Universe?

A provocative paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy argues that the universe may curve around and close in on itself like a sphere, rather than lying flat like a sheet of paper as the standard theory of cosmology predicts. The authors reanalyzed a major cosmological data set and concluded that the data favors a closed universe with 99% certainty — even as other evidence suggests the universe is flat.

What Shape Is the Universe? A New Study Suggests We’ve Got It All Wrong

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Artificial Intelligence Can Solve Scientific Problems

Over the last few decades, machine learning has revolutionized many sectors of society, with machines learning to drive cars, identify tumors and play chess – often surpassing their human counterparts. Now, a team of scientists have shown that machines can also beat theoretical physicists at their own game, solving complex problems just as accurately as scientists, but considerably faster.

Researchers Develop a Machine Capable of Solving Complex Problems in Theoretical Physics

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America’s Greatest Radionics Innovator

Radionics is a method of healing and diagnosis at a distance that involves the etheric life energy and the fact that everything is connected. Dr. Ruth Drown was one of the pioneers of this field who invented the Radio Vision camera and other instruments. See the following article:

Dr. Ruth Drown – America’s Greatest Radionics Innovator

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The Jump Drive for Interstellar Travel

The jump drive is a faster-than-light propulsion concept that is similar to the idea of teleportation over vast distances. This concept was first suggested in science fiction stories written by Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. More recently, Dr. Takaaki Musha, a Japanese physicist, has developed a scientific explanation of how the jump drive might actually work. That is the subject of this video report.

Source: AsteronX Video

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Nuclear Fusion Startup Will Provide ‘Unlimited’ Energy

An Australian fusion startup called HB11, a spin-off from the University of New South Wales, claims to have found a way to revolutionize current nuclear fusion technology, potentially laying the groundwork for a new era of power generation without running the risk of a nuclear meltdown. Fusion has been the holy grail of energy production for decades, but there have been significant technical challenges. HB11 has developed a new approach that is extremely simplified and significantly cheaper.

Nuclear Fusion Startup Claims It’s on the Way to Providing ‘Unlimited’ Energy

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Tic Tac UFOs & Secret Space Program

The famed Tic Tac shaped UFO craft are advanced US Air Force hybrid aerospace vehicles capable of traveling underwater, in the air and into outer space according to a former intelligence specialist. The incredible speeds the craft can achieve both in the atmosphere and underwater is due to its ability to utilize the principle of supercavitation. They also use advanced stealth and invisibility technology.

Tic Tac UFOs Belong to USAF Secret Space Program Says Intelligence Specialist

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Scientist Reportedly Comes Up With a Time Travel Equation

This seems far out, but there may be something to it, at least in theory.

Back to the Future, For Real? Scientist Reportedly Comes Up With a ‘Time Travel Equation’
From Sputnik News

As Professor Mallett explained, a circulating beam of laser lights could, in theory, produce a “twisting of time” that would allow one to travel into the past, albeit only to a certain point.

While time travel still remains the stuff of science fiction, a physics professor from the University of Connecticut named Ron Mallett postulates that, perhaps not today but eventually, it might be possible.

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Is an Anti-Aging Pill Within Reach?

The rapid expansion of the volume of scientific information suggests the eradication of all diseases and aging itself is not beyond the reach of modern medicine today. Futurists predict the eradication of all disease as well as aging itself. Valid strategies and practices now exist to reliably make 120-year lifespans and health spans common. Longevity seekers can readily find an anti-aging pill once they understand the cause of aging.

Modern Man May Be Closer To The Discovery And Adoption Of An Anti-Aging Pill Than You Think

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Richard Dolan: A History of Anti-Gravity Research

Richard brings military historian Michael Schratt back for a second interview. This one starts with a series of very strange “Michelin Man” sightings of beings wearing classic Michelin Man suits in concentric tubes. The main part of the interview concerns Michael Schratt’s research into the history of anti-gravity propulsion. He argues that a significant breakthrough was made, most likely in the 1950s.

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Amazing UFOs in the 21st Century

UFOs are not just historical. The 21st century has been very active with reports, several of which are truly spectacular. Richard Dolan reviews six of the century’s most well-known cases. They include F-16s chasing UFOs near Washington, D.C., the Tic Tac UFO incident, UFO encounters by the USS Roosevelt, and more.

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UFO Year in Review

Richard Dolan and another UFO researcher appeared on Coast to Coast AM to talk about recent developments in the field of ufology (UFOs).

UFO Year in Review
From Coast to Coast AM | December 21, 2019

Researcher and author Richard Dolan appeared in the first half and first decried the general nature of UFO study as presented in online forums and social media as counterproductive and filled with needless conflict. He quickly added that recent developments in the study of the subject and particularly its coverage in the media are unprecedented and remarked that we are now “talking about it in a way that no one could have imagined.” This, in spite of the fact Dolan said, that the U.S. government has always engaged in a “debunking program of UFOs.” He also characterized the efforts of the To The Stars Academy group as “definitely not a government operation” even though the members are former government or military employees.

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Artificial Intelligence & Nuclear Fusion Research

Artificial intelligence (AI) could now speed the development of safe, clean and virtually limitless fusion energy for generating electricity. A major step in this direction is under way at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) and Princeton University, where a team of scientists is for the first time applying deep learning — a powerful new version of AI — to forecast sudden disruptions that can halt fusion reactions. The use of artificial intelligence is exploding across the sciences and is the most intriguing area of scientific growth right now.

Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Development of Limitless Fusion Energy

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