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Massive Collection of UFO Files to Be Cataloged

An enormous cache of files, records, and correspondence amassed by the late UFO researcher Stanton Friedman throughout his epic 60 years of researching the phenomenon is being cataloged by professional archivists in Canada. The project began back in January when … Continue reading

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Case for Planet Nine Strengthens

Astronomers searching for a proposed Planet Nine have published a new paper which they believe strengthens the case that the hypothetical world exists and speculated on when we may find it. The yet-to-be detected planet first made headlines when scientists … Continue reading

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Is There Life on Mars Today? Was Life Detected There in 1976?

Four billion years ago, the Martian surface was apparently quite habitable, featuring rivers, lakes and even a deep ocean. Things changed when Mars lost its global magnetic field. Today Mars is cold and dry, but it may not be dead. … Continue reading

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Patent Filed for a Compact Fusion Reactor

The latest in a series of bizarre Navy patents isn’t just for a revolutionary reactor that could power cities, but also potentially a craft. This patent is for a compact fusion reactor that could pump out absolutely incredible amounts of … Continue reading

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Age Reversal in Secret Space Programs

A clinical study which had the effect of reverse aging nine human subjects has been announced in a news article by the prestigious science journal Nature. The result of the study provides stunning corroboration of the testimonies of multiple insiders … Continue reading

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Newly Discovered “Co-Orbital Objects” Could Be Extraterrestrial Probes Watching Us

A recently published paper by physicist Dr James Benford in The Astronomical Journal hypothesizes that newly discovered near-Earth objects might be a site for extraterrestrial probes to monitor the human race. Given what’s been disclosed about life on other planets … Continue reading

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Warp Drives Are Starting to Be Taken Seriously

Current research in the field of faster-than-light propulsion Just How Feasible Is a Warp Drive? by Matt Williams | Universe Today It’s hard living in a relativistic Universe, where even the nearest stars are so far away and the speed … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence and Video Games

Researchers are just beginning to experiment with blending modern AI and video games. How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Way Video Games Are Developed and Played by Nick Statt | The Verge If you asked video game fans what an … Continue reading

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The True Cause of Climate Change

For more than 60 years, NASA has known that the changes occurring in planetary weather patterns are completely natural and normal. In the year 1958, NASA first observed that changes in the solar orbit of the Earth, along with alterations … Continue reading

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UFO Revelations & More

One of the most significant leaks of UFO material was recently discussed by Dr. Steven Greer and Richard Dolan on Coast to Coast AM. Senior military officials, members of Congress, and US presidents are routinely cut out of the loop … Continue reading

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US Aircraft Carriers May Now Be Protected by Electromagnetic Shields

In January 2017, all U.S. aircraft carriers were recalled to their home ports for unknown upgrades. There has been much speculation about what the carriers had been secretly equipped with given the growing threats posed by hypersonic cruise missiles against … Continue reading

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Secret Space Program: Real Evidence

UFO researcher Richard Dolan shares compelling evidence and witness reports that support the existence of a secret space program with highly advanced capabilities. He also answers questions submitted by people from around the world. Source: Richard Dolan Video

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Apollo 11 UFO Encounter Covered Up

Several conspiracy theorists including a U.S. Army officer who served for NATO have openly blamed NASA for covering up the UFOs encountered by astronauts from the Apollo 11 Moon mission. According to them, the space agency allegedly destroyed evidence of … Continue reading

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Dr. Steven Greer: Apollo 11 Did Go to the Moon, but Some of the Footage Was Fake

Steven Greer tells an audience that the Apollo 11 moon landing actually took place, but some fake film footage was substituted in order to hide what the astronauts actually saw on the lunar surface. Source: YouTube Video

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Is There a Vitamin Cure for Macular Degeneration?

In order to prevent or cure the development of the sight-robbing disease called macular degeneration, it is necessary to step outside of modern medicine according to this informative article. Reduced tissue oxygenation is strongly implicated in the onset of macular … Continue reading

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