UFO Year in Review

Richard Dolan and another UFO researcher appeared on Coast to Coast AM to talk about recent developments in the field of ufology (UFOs).

UFO Year in Review
From Coast to Coast AM | December 21, 2019

Researcher and author Richard Dolan appeared in the first half and first decried the general nature of UFO study as presented in online forums and social media as counterproductive and filled with needless conflict. He quickly added that recent developments in the study of the subject and particularly its coverage in the media are unprecedented and remarked that we are now “talking about it in a way that no one could have imagined.” This, in spite of the fact Dolan said, that the U.S. government has always engaged in a “debunking program of UFOs.” He also characterized the efforts of the To The Stars Academy group as “definitely not a government operation” even though the members are former government or military employees.

Dolan commented on the game-changing New York Times story about the now-famous Navy fighter UFO encounters which was released exactly two years ago, with his guess that the management of the paper decided to “get out in front of this rather than playing catch-up.” Dolan also discussed a document purporting to be notes of a conversation with retired Navy Admiral Thomas Wilson in which he expressed frustration with being denied access to information about supposed UFO technology. Dolan said he has confirmed that the meeting took place and that Wilson was told by a private contractor that he did not have permission to access the information but that he was informed that “we will tell you this is E.T. related and that we have made painfully slow progress in understanding it.” Dolan has concluded that, with regards to UFO information, that “the special access programs are all privatized.”

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