Scientist Reportedly Comes Up With a Time Travel Equation

This seems far out, but there may be something to it, at least in theory.

Back to the Future, For Real? Scientist Reportedly Comes Up With a ‘Time Travel Equation’
From Sputnik News

As Professor Mallett explained, a circulating beam of laser lights could, in theory, produce a “twisting of time” that would allow one to travel into the past, albeit only to a certain point.

While time travel still remains the stuff of science fiction, a physics professor from the University of Connecticut named Ron Mallett postulates that, perhaps not today but eventually, it might be possible.

As Mallett told CNN, his work is essentially based on the general theory of relativity and on the special theory of relativity of Albert Einstein who said that “time can be affected by speed.”

Referring to the 1968 sci fi film “Planet of the Apes” where astronauts traveled to Earth’s post-apocalyptic future on a rocket traveling close to the speed of light, as “an accurate representation of Einstein’s special theory of relativity” which states that “if you’re traveling fast enough, you respectively are traveling through time”, the professor suggested that one could also twist time in a loop and thus reach into the past, in a way.

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1 Response to Scientist Reportedly Comes Up With a Time Travel Equation

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    All we lack is the power supply


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