NASA Plans to Establish Bases on the Moon and Mars

Ready for the Next Great Challenge! NASA Unveils Plans for Manned Space Bases on the Moon and Mars
From Sputnik News

NASA’s Artemis programme, named after the Greek goddess of the Moon, is part of an ambitious effort to place astronauts on the lunar surface and develop an ongoing human presence there by 2024.

NASA’s ambitious Artemis programme aimed at returning astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024 has just been expanded even further, aiming to maintain a human presence on the Moon and, potentially, Mars after 2024.

A 13-page report titled “NASA’s Plan for Sustained Lunar Exploration and Development” was submitted on 3 April to the National Space Council, an advisory group to President Donald Trump that is chaired by Vice President Mike Pence.

The report mapped out a detailed justification for the project and offered key points towards its implementation.

While originally the programme was focused on putting humans back on the Moon and establishing an ongoing presence there by 2024, the new proposal would extend Artemis beyond its original deadline.

The report was accompanied by a statement from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, which touted the new “great challenge” of space exploration: development of a sustained presence on and around the Moon.

“For years to come, Artemis will serve as our North Star as we continue to work toward even greater exploration of the Moon, where we will demonstrate key elements needed for the first human mission to Mars”, said the report.

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