“Mirror Image” of the Earth and Sun Discovered

The star Kepler-160 and its companion KOI-456.04 are more reminiscent of the Sun-Earth system than any previously known exoplanet-star pair. Among the more than 4,000 known exoplanets, KOI-456.04 is something special: less than twice the size of Earth, it orbits a Sun-like star. And it does so with a star-planet distance that could permit planetary surface temperatures conducive to life.

“Mirror Image” of the Earth and Sun Discovered 3000 Light-Years Away

A team of university researchers has found that the probability of discovering Earth-like planets within their early stages of formation is actually higher than previously presumed. New research has indicated that there are many more stars in space that are comparable to our solar system’s sun than expected in the groups of Milky Way stars the study examined, according to a news release on the matter.

Chances of Finding Young, Earth-Like Planets Higher Than Previously Thought

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