What Would a Realistic Space Battle Look Like?

Science fiction space movies can do a poor job of educating people about space. In the movies, hot-shot pilots direct their dueling space ships through space as if they’re flying through an atmosphere. They bank and turn and perform loops and rolls, maybe throw in a quick Immelman, as if they’re subject to Earth’s gravity. Is that realistic? No.

In reality, a space battle is likely to look much different. With an increasing presence in space, and the potential for future conflict, is it time to think about what an actual space battle would look like?

Click Here to read more about space warfare at Universe Today.

Hopefully, humanity will move in a more peaceful direction and significant conflicts in space will not occur; however, some readers may be interested in this type of information since this is a common theme in science fiction movies.

It is possible that some battles have already taken place between competing secret space programs, but we may never know about this since such information would likely be highly classified. Also, the new U.S. Space Force may play a role in defending Earth from rogue secret space programs.

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