Next Supervolcano Eruption Might Happen Without Warning

Such an event would cause stupendous destruction. Hopefully, this will not happen any time soon.

Next Supervolcano Eruption Might Happen Without Warning
by Christopher Plain | The Debrief

The next time a supervolcano eruption pours enough ash into the atmosphere to alter the Earth’s climate, humanity may not see it coming. That’s because volcanoes large enough to cause such a dramatic shift in sunlight, often termed “supervolcanoes,” may offer no warning that they are preparing to erupt. Geologists had previously identified specific warning signs that they believed preceded such massive eruptions, but this latest research seems to indicate that these telltale signs are not necessarily present before each and every climate-altering eruption.

Background: Super Volcanoes and Warnings

In the movies, these types of massive volcanic eruptions are often preceded by a series of tragic events. These calamities may include mini-earthquakes, localized lighting storms, or even birds falling from the sky. In real life, geologists who study previous explosions of this magnitude look at changes in the environment as well as the volcano itself to try to understand the warning signs such climate-altering eruptions may offer. Such cues may include deforestation, altered landscape from rising magma, and chemical changes to the soil.

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