New Energy: Nuclear Fusion Reactor Design, Cold Fusion Suppression

A patent filed by the U.S. Navy claims to have developed a compact nuclear fusion reactor even though the designs for the reactor seemingly stretch the limits of science.

The Navy’s Patent for a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Wild

Despite all the alarm and warnings about fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions, the scientific establishment has systematically blocked the publication of science papers and the dissemination of knowledge about cold fusion, also known as Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

For 30 Years, the Dept. of Energy and Scientific Establishment Has Blocked the Truth About Cold Fusion (LENR)

Dr. Melvin Miles, a renowned experimentalist, has been working on the problem of cold fusion, but a breakthrough paper he tried to publish on the subject has yet to make it into a single peer-reviewed journal because the scientific establishment doesn’t want the world to know that cold fusion even exists.

Science Journals Refuse to Publish Breakthrough Paper Proving the Existence of Cold Fusion (LENR)

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